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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Page - one note is a page."""
import markdown
import codecs
from mdx_gfm import GithubFlavoredMarkdownExtension

import os
from os import sep
from shutil import copy

from engine.postprocessing import (add_title,
                                   add_head_for_flask, change_data_tag_into_actual_data,
                                   add_path_to_img, change_html_tags_bootstrap,
                                   unhighlight, personal_tags_to_html, get_todo, get_captions,
                                   get_divhr, use_icons)

from engine.preprocessing import (include_md_files, get_image_path, get_youtube_embeds, get_abstract,
                                  include_file, make_interna_links, make_sport_links)
from engine.make_tableofcontent import make_table_of_content
from engine.plugins.find_files import find_files

import logging
logger = logging.getLogger('geekbook')

[docs]class Page(object): """Page class Attributes: fn - filename of the note, with .md md - md content of the note html - html content of the note """ def __init__(self, fn): """Init a Page and load the content of MD file into""" self.fn = fn # it catches errors if the file is removed try: with + sep + fn, "r", "utf-8") as f: = self.html = '' except IOError: logging.error('file removed ' + self.fn) = None
[docs] def get_html(self): """Compile md to get html""" self.html = markdown.markdown(, extensions=[GithubFlavoredMarkdownExtension()]) # (linenums=False)'])
# html = '<link rel="stylesheet" href="/home/magnus/Dropbox/lb_v2/templates/Pygments/css/pygments.css" type="text/css">' + html
[docs] def compile(self): """Preprocess, compile, postprocess. """'compiling --> %s' % self.fn) self.pre_process() self.get_html() self.post_process()
[docs] def pre_process(self): """Do preprocessing. E.g.:: = get_image_path( """ = include_file( = include_md_files( = get_image_path( = get_youtube_embeds( = get_abstract( = get_captions( = make_interna_links( = make_sport_links(
# = right_link_from_dropbox_screenshot(
[docs] def post_process(self): """Do postprocessing""" self.html = make_table_of_content(self.fn, self.html) self.html = add_head_for_flask(self.html) self.html = change_data_tag_into_actual_data(self.fn, self.html) self.html = add_path_to_img(self.html) self.html = change_html_tags_bootstrap(self.html) self.html = unhighlight(self.html) self.html = personal_tags_to_html(self.html) if FIND_FILES_PLUGIN: self.html = find_files(self.html) self.html = get_todo(self.html) self.html = add_title(self.html, self.fn) self.html = use_icons(self.html) self.html = get_divhr(self.html)
[docs] def is_changed(self): """Check if the file on disc is different than `md`. Make PATH_TO_ORIG if it does not exists. Return: boolean """ # check if exits, it does not exist if __ini__ failed (and it fails when the # file is removed if if not os.path.exists(PATH_TO_ORIG): os.makedirs(PATH_TO_ORIG) try: with + sep + self.fn, "r", "utf-8") as f: orig_md = except IOError: logging.error('file not detected. Create it: ' + self.fn) orig_md = '' pass if != orig_md: copy(PATH_TO_MD + sep + self.fn, PATH_TO_ORIG + sep + self.fn) return True else: return False
[docs] def save(self): """Save html file to the drive""" if not os.path.exists(PATH_TO_HTML): os.mkdir(PATH_TO_HTML) with + self.fn.replace('.md', '.html'), "w", "utf-8") as outfn: outfn.write(self.html)
# start if __name__ == '__main__': fin = '' p = Page(fin) p.compile() print p.is_changed()