Quick ReferenceΒΆ

find a full path to your file and insert it in the given place in a generated html

insert an external file

insert the table of content in here
[tableofcontent] or {{TOC}}

to get the current date 2017-01-13

define only width for a image:
![](imgs/Screen_Shot_2017-02-12_at_1.17.04_AM.png =500x)

only height:
![](imgs/Screen_Shot_2017-02-12_at_1.17.04_AM.png =x400)

and both:
![](imgs/Screen_Shot_2017-02-12_at_1.17.04_AM.png =400x400)

you can put to images next to each other and sqeeze them to the left
<div style="width:300px">